Parure de lit 4/6 pièces - Extra doux - Poches profondes - Ajustement facile - Respirant/rafraîchissant - Sans plis

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  • California King Size : parure de lit 6 pièces : 4 taies d'oreiller, drap plat et drap-housse. Drap plat (106" x 102"), drap-housse (84" x 78"), 4 taies d'oreiller (40" x 20").
  • King Size : parure de lit 6 pièces : 4 taies d'oreiller, drap plat et drap-housse. Drap plat (105" x 102"), drap-housse (78" x 80"), 4 taies d'oreiller (20" x 40").
  • Queen Size : parure de lit 6 pièces : 4 taies d'oreiller, drap plat et drap-housse. Drap plat (90" x 102"), drap-housse (60" x 80"), 4 taies d'oreiller (19,5" x 30").
  • Taille complète : parure de lit 6 pièces : 4 taies d'oreiller, drap plat et drap-housse. Drap plat (81" x 96"), drap-housse (54" x 75"), 4 taies d'oreiller (19,5" x 30").
  • Taille Twin XL : parure de lit 4 pièces : 2 taies d'oreiller, drap plat et drap-housse. Drap plat (66"x 102"), drap-housse (39"x 80"), 2 taies d'oreiller (20"x 30")

  • Poches profondes/ajustement facile : ils s'adaptent aux matelas jusqu'à environ 40,6 cm de profondeur. Si votre matelas mesure moins de 16 pouces, il conviendra parfaitement. De nos jours, de nombreux matelas sont assez grands et nous pensons qu’il s’agit d’une bonne taille universelle qui s’adapte à la plupart des matelas.
  • SENTEZ LA DIFFÉRENCE : Si vous recherchez des draps très doux, vous les avez trouvés ! Ils sont respirants, frais et super doux et soyeux. Le confort de ces draps vous fera revenir ! Ils sont plus doux que les draps en coton égyptien et en coton biologique ! Idéal pour n'importe quelle pièce de votre maison : chambre, chambre d'amis, chambre d'enfant, camping-car, maison de vacances. Excellente idée cadeau pour hommes et femmes, mamans et papas, Saint-Valentin, fête des mères, fête des pères et Noël.
  • MICROFIBRE BROSSÉE DE LA PLUS HAUTE QUALITÉ : Une différence plus légère. Un toucher plus doux et plus fin. Ceux-ci sont fabriqués à partir de fils en microfibre doublement brossés de la plus haute qualité. La merveille pratiquement légère des feuilles CGK Unlimited vous fera revenir pour en savoir plus. Attardez-vous dans vos rêves.
  • GRANDS FEUILLES POUR LE PRIX ! Ce sont quelques-uns des draps les plus doux et les plus abordables que vous puissiez trouver. Ils sont bien plus doux que la plupart des draps en coton égyptien et à une fraction du prix.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I was very hesitant in by sheets online as you do not get to see the look and feel of the product. However, I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. They fit my full size mattress great and I have not had any problems with corners coming off in the middle of the night as with past sheets bought at stores like Walmart or The At Home Store. In addition, the feel of the sheet was superb. I guess I had no idea what I was missing before I bought these sheets. I went from skeptical buyer to someone that will definitely be buying again. This is an amazing product and I am not being paid to say so.


Surprising Find

K** ******

I ordered the queen size set of gray sheets and was very surprised with how they fit. I have a pillow top mattress and a 2" memory foam cover and I still have plenty of extra room at the corners with these. Most sheet sets I've had just barely covered the corners and you'd always have to tug them to get them over the corners - not these. With them being extra tall, it was very easy to get them on the mattress and actually fit underneath on all corners.
And the softness is wonderful. These are very soft and just love the feel of them. I've read a couple reviews that they were very thin - but the set I received were perfect. Sort of in between a medium and heavy thickness, but not too hot at night and they don't weigh on you like a flannel sheet might. And they feel like they'll be fine for winter as well. I've only had them for about a week, and so far they've been great. They stay put, no corners slipping off and they don't get wadded up if you're someone that moves around a lot at night. It was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them. I'm very glad I did.


Quite Lovely


We are very pleased with these sheets, they are lightweight and not hot at all (big factor, and one micro fiber sheets usually fail at). They come out of the dryer wrinkle free and look nice on the bed - BUT they are made for a very deep mattress, if you have a thinner mattress they tend to bunch up making it messy looking and uncomfortable. I purchased this set to fit a hospital bed covered with a deep memory foam topper). This is common with sheets sold now, for some reason they are all made to accomodate thick mattresses. To fix this I turned them wrong side out and stitched a "dart" in each corner, reinforcing it several times after making sure they fit well - now they fit beautifully. I can't complain that they are for a deep mattress, as that's clearly how they are described, but I didn't realize how deep they would be (my fault). As far as durability we've been alternating between using these and a cotton set since October and these are his favorite and still look brand new. I recommend these without reservation - my son wanted sheets and I sent him a set of these in queen size gray color - they fit his bed well, and he loves them (and it's August in Florida- the best test there is to see if sheets are cool and comfortable to sleep on!)

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