Ensemble de housse de couette en jacquard de mélange de coton et de soie jaune clair à fleurs, taies d'oreiller

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  • Couleur

    • Jaune clair

    • Reine
    • Roi

Remplissage : Aucun
Type : ensembles de draps, taies d'oreiller et housse de couette.
Matériel: Soie/Coton

Nombre de fils : 400 TC
Modèle: Brodé
Type de motif : PLANTE
Type de motif : Jacquard
Type de motif : Sergé
Style: Jacquard
Techniques : Jacquard
Nombre de tissus : 40
Quantité : 4 pièces
Poids : 3kg
Densité du tissu : 133 X 72
matière jacquard en mélange de coton et de soie

4 pièces taille reine
Housse de couette 1 pièce : 200*230 cm
Drap de lit 1 pièce: 245*250 cm
Taies d'oreiller 2 pièces: 48*74 cm

4 pièces King Size
Housse de couette 1 pièce : 220*240 cm
Drap de lit 1 pièce: 245*270 cm
Taies d'oreiller 2 pièces : 48*74 cm

Customer Reviews

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Recently I noticed that an expensive set of sheets from Pottery Barn that were only a couple years old were getting long holes in them. I was really disappointed and decided to try a less expensive pair that had high ratings. I love these sheets! I am so glad I ordered them. After receiving them and seeing the quality I bought additional pillow cases.
I will be replacing a couple more sets of my sheets.


Excellent sheets


So I grew up with the idea Egyptian was expensive and only ever saw them for sale at a Christmas fair in my town. If I saw them in store it was Macys or some other expensive brand store. I sleep fine in almost any sheet (except silk) but my partner just can't turn off his furnace. He is hot a lot so the house is cold most times, has fans going, anything to keep cool. He is very used to hot climates like the Texas heat and Kuwait (prior service) so now that we moved north he is just hot all the time. I spent a good year searching for cooling sheets and we had found some from the Spyder brand and we loved them. Unfortunately they are white and within a few days they just get so "dirty." With our new house I found these and let me tell you, he goes down like a recently fed baby. He isn't hot, and will actually cover up with the comforter and sometimes throw blanket, he loves it. So don't take my word for it, take his.


You want cooling sheets? This is it

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