Wine Filters (24 Pack) Remove Sulfite Tannin and Histamines All Natural Ingredients Wine Allergy Sensitivity Prevention

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  • REMOVE SULFITES & HISTAMINE AND TANNIN: These teabag-like filters containing absorbent resins (a sticky organic substance) that absorb histamines and sulfites without releasing any chemicals into the wine.
  • REDUCE SIDE EFFECTS: This wine filter lets you enjoy wine without some of the unpleasant side effects. It removes sulfites, histamines and sulfites, which are found in most wines and can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and a headache.
  • WON'T AFFECT FLAVOR: These Wine Filters work without affecting the taste, aroma or color of wine, you can enjoy a glass without suffering the nasty side effects, without having to buy expensive so called "preservative free" or "organic wines".
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Portable, individually packaged, a portable option that's convenient for travel, restaurants and winery visits.
  • DIRECTIONS: Place The wine filter in one 6-8 ounce glass of wine and wait for 5 minutes. Remove winre filter and discard. Each wand is individually wrapped, so you can keep a couple in your bag for use in restaurants or at parties.

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