Set-2 Premium Soft Down Alternative Pillow for Side and Back Sleeper Hypoallergenic

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About this item

  • PREMIUM KING/QUEEN PILLOW - We have been developing a bed pillows that is most suitable for Americans, to ensure that you can sleep well every night, to give us the sleepy head, relax our pillows for sleep is our mission.
  • LUXURY AND RELAX TEXTURE - Hotel uses luxury pillows and comfortable and exquisite fabrics to ensure that the best pillows stay cool and comfortable during deep sleep. In order to increase the support of the pillows, scientifically matched bamboo silk and fluff are added.
  • ENJOY HEALTHY SLEEP CONDITIONS: Unique Bamboo Silk Fabric - The surface is repeatedly woven with ultra-thin bamboo filaments. It is a mixed textile of bamboo fiber viscose natural and polyester fibers. The ultimate breath ability and comfort are good at improving air circulation and preventing sweating.
  • EASY TO PACK & BOUNCE FAST - Only 5 seconds to quickly enter the fluffy and soft state, and the air quickly passes through the fabric to produce a special fluffy effect. Effective long-term support. Machine washable, easy to care. After 99 washing experiments, also make you a sleeping beauty

Pillow Material: Polyester-fibers
Pillow Size: Queen 20*30in / King 20*36in
Pillow Weight:Queen 6lb / King 9lb
Pillow Quantity:2 Pack

Package Included:
    The bag contains two complete pillows, which have been compressed for transport needs. The compression effect will not affect the comfort and softness of the pillow, and it comes with a pillow instruction manual
How to use the product:
    When you receive the product, please carefully open the courier box and check for damage around it. Please prepare a knife or scissors and open the package quietly. Do not scare the two babies (Children are prohibited from performing this step, please be careful!) After opening the package, you will see two pillows packed in compression. They have been sleeping for a long time Now, please gently open the packaging bag to avoid scratching the surface of the pillow with sharp scissors. When air enters the pillow, it expands quickly, fluffy, and comfortable. Air pillows will take care of your sleep and accompany you. Anyone may betray you, but she will not! Accompany

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